Glasgow Music School

Why wait to learn an instrument when you’ve got awesome lessons right on your doorstep? We believe no one is too old or too young to learn and there’s no time like today to get started.

At Glasgow Music School we’re absolutely convinced that everyone is musical. We’ve seen students young and old pick up an instrument and start to build on their skills and watched them blossom into the musicians they are today. All it takes is the desire to get started.

Our premises are located in the heart of Glasgow and are incredibly accessible. We offer one-to-one tuition if you want to really focus in on where to improve on your skills with tailored lessons designed to suit your individual level and needs. We also offer fun and engaging group lessons for you or for your whole family to come along and learn as a team. This is a great chance to build your confidence playing as part of a group and enjoy your development in a more social environment.


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Feel free to send us a message to find out more information about our amazing lessons. We are open almost everyday and would love to help you get started on your journey or to help you progress even if you have previous experience. We have beginners lessons and lessons for more advanced students.