We believe anyone and everyone can learn to play an instrument and love being part of that journey. We see people amaze themselves day-in and day-out and we love what we do.


Have you ever thought to yourself: “I wish I could play like that”? We know that most people have when admiring someone who has learned an instrument and one thing that we can’t get over is how often people think that they can’t achieve this themselves. The thing that we love most at Glasgow Music School is seeing people achieve their dreams, even if that is just playing for family or friends, and seeing people exceed their dreams and amaze even themselves with just how much they have learned.

You see learning an instrument is a step-by-step process in that every little bit you put into it pays off and one day those spare minutes here and there add up and you’re performing something solid. It all starts with one thing: a willingness to learn.


We are open 6 days a week offering fantastic lessons for those who want to improve their musical skills so you know we’re always here.

We offer weekly, fortnightly or even casual lessons depending on your schedule and our premises are kitted out with fantastic equipment to make your learning journey more fun and enjoyable!